Filoni Kkanani


#18/n The Sunset

This view. ❤️ I’d wait for the sun to set every evening. Not like I am a fan of sunsets. But this is the only thing that felt familiar here, and the only memory of my past I could hold... Continue Reading →


#17/n Becoming a Cowgirl

Not in the Mexican way, but Indian way. I am part of cow lovers’ society of India, which consists of 2 members currently- me and my friend. (Lol) We feed the cows everyday, observe them and try understand their patterns.... Continue Reading →

#16/n Choices

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.”  Steve Jobs Found this one in the morning read. What a wonderful thought to... Continue Reading →

#15/n Difficult Questions

I've struggled a lot to come to terms with a few basic principles governing  human psychology. And only when I went on Quora, I realized it's not me alone struggling, but a lot of people are. I was requested to... Continue Reading →

#14/n Forwarding the Favour

Someone once encouraged me to try my hand at writing jobs because apparently they found my blogs good enough. I thought I'd fail, but I had nothing to lose, so I tried. And I'm forever grateful to that person because... Continue Reading →

#13/n Miss Match

Turned out that my best friend and I, we both picked up shoes of the same (unusual) color. No wonder they say birds of a feather flock together! 🙂

#12/n The Unexpected Gift

I swear to God I didn't know this was coming. And usually, I dislike "surprises" with a passion. But this one was unexpected, thoughtful and delightful! 🙂

Dabba Diaries

Office is a lot like school these days. I have made some friends here, and they are a lot like me. We wait for the lunch hour, and sometimes count minutes to it. On some days I know what’s packed... Continue Reading →

#11/n (Sur)Real Followers!

So the most amazing thing happened today! Everyday on my way back to the place where I stay, I don't get a seat on the train. Only on some  (lucky) days I get it, and today was one. I make... Continue Reading →

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