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Get a life; Get YOUR life!

I'm the weakest person I know. I trust people easily. I get attached too soon. I assume everyone's nice and try to see the good in them that doesn't exist. I give people more chances than they deserve. Forget about... Continue Reading →


I’m all dressed up for Diwali, but I have nothing to do…

It’s Diwali- Sweets, dry fruits, snacks, scrumptious meals, new clothes, new books, gifts, colors, gold, Poojas and firecrackers (also, trying to escape Mom's rigorous Diwali house-cleaning) . That’s all I thought that is there to it. I’ve done all of... Continue Reading →

“All the love is lost once you’re married”

I was compelled to write this article because I could not take it anymore. If you’ve been following me on any of my social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), you’ll see I upload a lot of pictures with The Habibi... Continue Reading →

Letter to my 25 y/o self

Hello there, You're turning 25 today. I'm surprised why you did not have a birthday countdown this year, I'm surprised why you did not shop as much, I'm surprised why you're more worried than excited? You're turning 25 today. As... Continue Reading →

Letter to the Husband

OK. I confess. I'm not good enough of a wife material. How do I know? I'll tell you.   I've seen it in the movies- the wife wakes up at sunrise, takes a shower, dresses up (and by that I... Continue Reading →



That’s me. In school. Shorter than your average kid but with twice the sass. And the unshakeable belief that the sun rose from my ass. I was in an all boys boarding school. Yup. That comes with its own set of challenges. Most of which, they tell you, “build character”, “turn you into a real man”, “foster relationships which last a lifetime”. Well, yes. And no.

There wasn’t much you could do if a senior wanted your new sneakers. They’d just take them. You couldn’t say no if they wanted you to wash their dirty socks, everyday. Or eat your share of food.

I’ve always had a problem with authority. And initially, these little ego tussles always bothered me. Being physically dwarfed by most kids, it was almost impossible to protest. I remember vividly, wringing my hands together behind my back and clenching my teeth when I was being yelled…

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You know He’s in love with you…

He messages it to you million times a day, to make you believe that it's happening for real; He calls you at random hours of the day leaving aside his work, just to hear your voice; He sends across pictures/texts that... Continue Reading →

Are YOU Independent?

Congratulations, my fellow Indian! We complete 69 years of being an independent nation today. Our independence came at a price; it is a result of vision, planning, execution and persistence of our national heroes. Talking of independence on a personal level,... Continue Reading →

What my “first job” taught me about myself

I interned for 3.5 years, and sat at home for 1.5 years before I landed with my first job! Yes, a total of 5 years' wait, to find the place/people I could see myself working for/with. Ask me was it... Continue Reading →

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